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Local SEO Glasgow

Local SEO simply requires the right techniques to be applied and a fair amount of work to be carried out.

Rich content and links are the fundamentals of ranking your website on Google. At the start of any project there are other important things to consider such as your domain name, the website speed and making sure it’s technically sound.

You can carryout your own local SEO, however, for optimum results and if you are likely short on time you are better hiring an SEO consultant or agency.

No Nonsense, Local SEO

Rank 1st

The most important part, get your website appearing first in your local area.

Technical SEO

Strong website speed, having a valid secure SSL certificate and Cloudflare installed are all fundamental.


Track your progress on the SERP's and your monthly traffic looking for gaps, continually enhancing your websites Google rankings.

Effects of AI on Local SEO in 2024

Fundamentally on a broad scale artificial intelligence or “AI” will complete tasks quicker than it would take human beings to carry them out.

For most of 2024, especially with the latest version of Chat GPT (GPT-4) SEO consultants have been discussing, debating and even panicking about how this will impact the industry, especially for SEO copywriters who are worried about their livelihood.

It’s all opinion, and whilst there is no doubt AI can produce SEO content quicker than any human, the bigger question, like with all industries surrounding AI facing off against skilled human beings, is what will be the best!?

I can only speak for local SEO, and if like myself, you are simply looking to help local companies dominate Google search for the services they offer in say Glasgow or Central Scotland for example, I wouldn’t change much. In fact, any influx in AI content is only going to enhance the performance of your Ill researched skilfully Google optimised content.

For the bigger agencies and the big money SEO, AI is going to have a much bigger impact on job loss in my opinion. Although AI content is limited, as it doesn’t take long before it regurgitates itself, which means in no time Google is going to be full of articles saying the same thing give or take (with less personality). This was known as content spinning before, where SEO consultants can take an article and rewrite it using different words and synonyms etc, but even when “us humans” carried out content spinning, our own personality and quirks still made it pretty unique.

If you’re a fan of Columbo or any old detective shows (stick with me here…) there is such an expertise known as forensic handwriting, experts who can analyse writing to prove a certain individual wrote it. Once you’ve seen a few versions of AI content, we are pretty much all forensic handwriting experts in this area as it’s painfully obvious it’s AI!

The most effective way AI will affect the SEO industry is churning out more content, quicker for people who know the craft to then edit it. I’ve considered this as a long term strategy and dabbled in it for my own research. For the time being I suggest SEO consultants and small local SEO companies hang fire to see how things pan out, and as I am positive the cream content will continue to rise to the top, given all the other good practices are in place.

Around 2 months ago, I researched and wrote some blog posts, built some links, tweaked them later on, shared on social media, basically followed the usual process and some of these blogs are now first on Google, even nabbing some featured snippets spots along the way! BONUS!!!

My gut feelings seem to be right so far, but again it’s all opinion and nobody truly knows, which is always what makes SEO so interesting!

ai vs local seo glasgow, Edinburgh, scotland

Google Search & Local SEO in 2024

The internet and Google constantly change, as an SEO company it’s Lead Generation Scotland Ltd’s job to stay up to date. There is so much knowledge, information and opinions out there. My name is John I am the Director and solo SEO consultant at the company and I am a firm believer in keeping things simple. Having worked in small teams and mainly myself over the years I have become efficient at learning the essential aspects of the most effective local SEO techniques that deliver the most traffic and leads.

The industry is made up from numerous different SEO specialists, for example you could be a specialist in website speed optimisation, negative SEO, on page, off page / link building, technical, content marketing the list goes on.

Local search in 2024 looks a lot different to 12 months ago. The SERP (search engine results page) is now busier than ever before. This means you need to be a little smarter on your approach, however, with more results means more competition, if your SEO company knows what they are doing this means there are an increased number of positions and opportunities to appear, improving your chances of being selected!

Below I aim to break it down for you in simple language and hopefully help your business understand a little more about how to compete online. 


Google Ads (First)

It’s no secret you can pay to appear first on Google for a set period of time. Google Ads is traditionally pay per click advertising, where you in effect rent out a spot on Google page one. Google Ads can work great, however, cash is king!

Like many small business owners, I am used to trying to compete using smaller budgets and it’s been really exciting over the last couple of years since I have had more change to play around with higher budgets for better results. Google Ads are fantastic and I always advocate running them at all times whilst you still want new customers.  

I used the rent analogy, and remember the rent is due every month! Not only that, its been shown that less than 20% of people searching on Google click on the ads which leaves another 80%+ of the total traffic to consider.

These stats are very broad and debatable, and also vary depending on the users intent and circumstances.

Please see some amazing detailed Google advertising stats on 

There are up to 4 spaces available at the top of the page for Ads and up to a further 3 at the bottom of the page.

During 2022 in the UK, Google launched Local Service Ads or “Google Guaranteed” listings. These ads work more like myself on a pay per lead model, they are still in their infancy and only available in a limited number of industries. Like any new product there are teething problems and awareness is still not very strong, but make no mistake about it they are not going anywhere!

These ads appear at the very top of the page with up to 3 results even above the traditional ads, here is a desktop example shown below.

The reviews shown are taken from your Google My Business profile, so yet another reason to build your customer reviews.

Local Services Ads aka Google Guaranteed Listings

Google My Business / Maps 3 Pack (Top Local SEO)

Google My Business aka GMB aka Google Map Pack aka Google 3 Pack!

Or in Scotland, THE MAPS! The different names gets confusing however the concept of how they work is pretty simple. Like any organic results, Google want to show the most relevant high quality content it can to ensure that users return and their amazing success continues.

How to appear on the top 3 on maps is not so simple! The more competitive your industry and the bigger the location means that it gets more difficult. Obviously this means there could be literally hundreds of business listings to choose from and only 3 of them can be at the top!

In 2024, local SEO companies and consultants have been focusing most of their energy on making sure their clients and perhaps themselves appear on the Google 3 pack.

To ensure your business obtains maximum results from this position you want to be sure to have strong customer reviews to improve your chances of being selected.

The better you optimise, more links, traffic and engagement you send to your Google My Business listing, the more keyword search terms you will appear on. Take the example below for “Plumbers Glasgow” a well optimised listing will not be a one trick pony and also appear for other similar keywords such as:

“Glasgow Plumbers”

“Plumbers in Glasgow”

“Best Plumbers Glasgow”

“Plumbers Glasgow Southside”

“Plumbers Near Me”

And so on!

Google Map Pack aka Google 3 Pack

I only stumbled on Brock’s content recently and was delighted to see he used a lot of ideas and tricks I myself use and has delved into even more detail – Check out his YouTube channel. (not only is there plenty of golden nuggets, I find him very funny and entertaining to watch)

Matteo Barletta Co-Founder of GMB Crush posts amazing content on a daily basis on his Facebook group. He also has a YouTube channel and has helped me enhance my skills recently at no benefit to himself.

The GMB Crush Google My Business Audit Template is a really helpful tool for getting the best results on your Google Business Profile.


Organic Results (Old School SEO, Still Very Important!)

I used to say “what used to be first on Google is now 8th” this applied because of the 4 Ads and 3 map listings above.

With recent years Local Service Ads this can now be 11th place in some cases!

Ironically, depending on the industry and city these results can take the longest to change and achieve first place for. There are still a lot of well informed Google users who choose the number one organic listing, I believe they often trust these results more.

You will also find that people who are further along in the buying process and have carried out more research, will be likely to stumble on these results.

So although organic does not have anywhere near the impact it once did, I certainly would not neglect it. 

Organic / on-page SEO also compliments EVERYTHING else, having rich and relevant content improves your Google Ads quality score, increases the number of times your ad is served and reduces your cost per click.

The map pack is also influenced by the content on your website so good luck getting anywhere without it is all I am going to say!

Last but not least, long tail keywords. Like the name suggests, long tail keywords are keywords that are long, generally made up of 4 words or more. Most of the time these search terms do not bring up any map results, so like the good old days (before I even started doing SEO in 2017) being number one organic has real substance and delivers results.

To optimise your results on long tail keywords, you should carry out strong keyword research specifically looking for opportunities where the users intent will be to buy the product or service. This is simply known as user intent.

See more information on long tail keywords on this blog on Search Engine Journal. 

For some best practise on keyword research in 2024 including mapping out a site for topical authority, see this blog by 

If your content is strong and popular enough (clicked on more often by Google users) your long tail keyword might even become a featured snippet, which is a fantastic premium position to have and a real compliment to your SEO skills.

SEO Company Glasgow

If you are a local business looking for a Glasgow based SEO company to enhance your local SEO then Lead Generation Scotland Ltd can help.

My company specialises in working with small local businesses, specifically tradesmen in the home improvements niche.

Most of the companies I deal with are based in Glasgow and all of my clients are located in Scotland. Although it is a digital business, I prefer to work closely with clients, meet them face to face and deliver a more personal service.

My Local SEO Summary

As you can see local SEO in 2024 is a vast topic, with Google SERP being far busier and I have only scratched the surface, hopefully describing things in a way that’s been easy for most people to understand avoiding any tech jargon which I hate!

I would consider my strongest area in local SEO and digital marketing to be the one I spend most time on, the Google Map Pack / 3 Pack, I always focus my time and energy on the most effective method to deliver traffic and leads to my clients!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your companies website and local SEO strategy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Kind Regards,

John McWhinnie


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