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Poems by John McWhinnie in Edinburgh

Points Of View

by John McWhinnie in Edinburgh end of 2022

We all have one, convinced through life experience its gospel

Others have them too, yet they often make us hostile

Polarisation is effecting the nation, no in fact the world! Can we not connect like we did as boys and girls?

I suggest that we all take an oath
To come from a point of learning and growth

Let it all go, stripping back the ego
Realising 9/10 of us are just an average Joe

The 1/10 shown are effecting our self-worth Remember it’s all about the journey from birth!

I for one feel like an alien on earth,
Unheard and misunderstood,
Capability has proven to be my visible disability

An unrecognised strength that only few know,
I must accept this burden and help others grow

Victimhood is how this appears,
Perhaps it will be understood over the years…

Let’s hope we can get back to basics and break the 2022 matrix!!


Starting Lines

by John McWhinnie in Edinburgh middle of 2023

Starting lines, I know mines, ever since I can remember been nothing but land mines, 

Chalky white lines in the rain, each one of us dismissing the other ones pain, 

PR stories from successful minds, but the vast majority started from different lines

People I barely know claim to know mines, looking back now I miss the simple times when I was living on my starting line


Lack of role models, 

Far from a doddle, 

Young bullies nowhere near as bad as the snakes who full you, 

As you get older you realise they’re the ones who properly schooled you


Hard work and progress you get told you’ve changed… 

Can’t move above don’t want to, 

No longer welcome by the past that haunts you,

Better the devil you know who taunts you,


Tricks on the mind about how you used to act, 

People underlining your role forgetting their part, 

The truth between us all is we want to go back to the start


Some other people aware of the starting lines too, 

Some resentful because they started back further than you 


Starting lines often define where we finish, 

Break free from fate or your spirit will diminish


Today we’re older comparing loneliness and pain,

It doesn’t work, from comparison please refrain,

Remember the energy it takes to simply maintain!


More in common with dancers and ladies of night,

Than the “normal” people I meet who ain’t had to fight!


Modern day stocks, come throw a tomato, 

We think we’ve evolved, thankfully we’ve some way to go!


True narcissists playing narc hot potato, 

Rather than fixing their flaws, they want you to do as they say so!!? 

Take my criticism and advice from men who clearly embody their wisdom,

Not from lazy one trick ponies who’d otherwise be a bum 

Middle class jester acting like a man of the people, 

That would all end with a REAL glance through the peephole

Be careful he roasts at golden globes, 

At a room full of people not used to REAL daily probes,

Gated communities, egos and bullshit, 

While I’m living amongst us taking the real hits! 

He’s just the wee dick from school throwing insults for the hard kids, 

Only reason I know is because I used to be like this 


No doubt he’ll get the last word, 

Against an autistic bully victim who can’t find a bird!…

Probably something about nursery rhymes 

Why would I speak in a language that’s not mine?

Leave me looking like Machine Gun Kelly,

Well at least I got mentioned by someone off of the tele! 


As I age men with regret I’ve not met

Grasping on to my good nature, 

Despite being surrounded by folk who hate ya, 

Lies and smear drive you to tears, 

People holding you back tapping into your fears, 

Going to make right the past as it actually happened, 

So I can hold my head high wherever I’m “rappin”