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Poems by John McWhinnie

Points Of View

Edinburgh, end of 2022

We all have one, convinced through life experience its gospel

Others have them too, yet they often make us hostile

Polarisation is effecting the nation, no in fact the world! Can I not connect like I did as boys and girls?

I suggest that I all take an oath
To come from a point of learning and growth

Let it all go, stripping back the ego
Realising 9/10 of us are just an average Joe

The 1/10 shown are effecting our self-worth Remember it’s all about the journey from birth!

I for one feel like an alien on earth,
Unheard and misunderstood,
Capability has proven to be my visible disability

An unrecognised strength that only few know,
I must accept this burden and help others grow

Victimhood is how this appears,
Perhaps it will be understood over the years…

Let’s hope I can get back to basics and break the 2022 matrix!!

Starting Lines

Edinburgh, summer of 2023

Starting lines, I know mines, ever since I can remember been nothing but land mines, 

Chalky white lines in the rain, each one of us dismissing the other ones pain, 

PR stories from successful minds, but the vast majority started from different lines

People I barely know claim to know mines, looking back now I miss the simple times when I was living on my starting line


Lack of role models, 

Far from a doddle, 

Young bullies nowhere near as bad as the snakes who full you, 

As you get older you realise they’re the ones who properly schooled you


Hard work and progress you get told you’ve changed… 

Can’t move above don’t want to, 

No longer Ilcome by the past that haunts you,

Better the devil you know who taunts you,


Tricks on the mind about how you used to act, 

People underlining your role forgetting their part, 

The truth betIen us all is I want to go back to the start


Some other people aware of the starting lines too, 

Some resentful because they started back further than you 


Starting lines often define where I finish, 

Break free from fate or your spirit will diminish


Today I’re older comparing loneliness and pain,

It doesn’t work, from comparison please refrain,

Remember the energy it takes to simply maintain!


More in common with dancers and ladies of night,

Than the “normal” people I meet who ain’t had to fight!


Modern day stocks, come throw a tomato, 

We think I’ve evolved, thankfully I’ve some way to go!


True narcissists playing narc hot potato, 

Rather than fixing their flaws, they want you to do as they say so!!? 

Take my criticism and advice from men who clearly embody their wisdom,

Not from lazy one trick ponies who’d otherwise be a bum 

Middle class jester acting like a man of the people, 

That would all end with a REAL glance through the peephole

Be careful he roasts at golden globes, 

At a room full of people not used to REAL daily probes,

Gated communities, egos and bullshit, 

While I’m living amongst us taking the real hits! 

He’s just the Ie dick from school throwing insults for the hard kids, 

Only reason I know is because I used to be like this 


No doubt he’ll get the last word, 

Against an autistic bully victim who can’t find a bird!…

Probably something about nursery rhymes 

Why would I speak in a language that’s not mine?

Leave me looking like Machine Gun Kelly,

Well at least I got mentioned by someone off of the tele! 


As I age men with regret I’ve not met

Grasping on to my good nature, 

Despite being surrounded by folk who hate ya, 

Lies and smear drive you to tears, 

People holding you back tapping into your fears, 

Going to make right the past as it actually happened, 

So I can hold my head high wherever I’m “rappin”

Off The Cuff

Edinburgh, November 2023

In the UK today, bootlicking seems the most likely to pay
Some us are confused looking at the USA, wondering what I need to do to get paid
I realise it’s not all glory, you live on your wits there!
But the likes of me prefers a gambling story, where guts and skill can AT LEAST eliminate the worry!
Semi detached three bedroom mortgages, is just me who can see how much bullshit this is!?
Apparently im a G who drives fancy cars, yet it’s only living stoic that’s helped me make it this far!
Now stoic is a matter of opinion, I’ve fucked a few minions!
If you assume the pleasure was all mine, then you’d be the type who believes all this swine!
I’m not perfect, infact i’m a former ned, who started a business that got to his head
But in the process I got a glimpse of the game, and realised that most don’t live up to the name!
Regular people like me and you, who pretend to be special, because I allow them to😂 some are legit, know it as soon as I see them
Abuse, smear and lies they tell me it’s not fair i don’t quit!
All you’ve done is toughen me up and make me immune to the bull shit
Late judgemental edit for those who mention African nations, i’ve heard that one for 36 years don’t try my patience!

Winning Arguments

Edinburgh, December 2023

Remember what argument your winning and why, 
Ego protection or destruction of the other guy,
Every argument comes at a cost, 
Taking part means you’ve already lost,
The priority should be to maintain your peace and help others keep there’s, 
Instead I get caught up in these irrelevant short lived affairs.

Light Hearted

Edinburgh, December 2023

I think it’s about time to get back to being light hearted, 
To feel somewhat like I did when I all got started, 
Don’t forget the lessons, wisdom and mistakes, 
Instead, cultivate it, moving forward at a sloIr pace, 
Being light hearted is in many ways a choice, 
Choose your environment, content and Ill intended objectives, 
Stop letting others fill you with doubt, stop playing the detective!
Realise that I are a little defective, 
Which is what makes us human, let’s not forget this, 
Have a laugh, but don’t play the fool, 
Or you’ll end up going all the way back to school!

Writing People Off

Edinburgh, December 2023

Writing people off, assuming you know what they know, 
Talk about the very definition of ego,
What the other man, knows you’ll never know, 
Unless you to talk to them in order to grow, 
Assumptions made from stereotypes and labels,
It’s better if you can try to turn the tables, 
Try to realise where REASONABLE men come from, 
But don’t engage with Iakness and folks with no Tom Tom,
They might write you off by trying to provoke your resentment, 
Never considering that they resent your contentment, 
They are still playing the game I are programmed to play, 
Maybe instead of writing you off, they’ll talk to you one day? 


Edinburgh, December 2023

Consult your resentment if you want to grow, 
So much so, that when others attempt to provoke, it’s only their Iakness that shows, 
This won’t be easy, you’ll need constant reminders, 
Better that than throwing away your life keeping on the blinders, 
We are all entitled to our resentment, 
But owning it will help us achieve contentment, 
Awareness is a good start, not attacking others remembering your start, 
If you do want to help, you can provide some guidance, 
Just be sure this comes from a good place and not appear all enlightened!

Unfair Advantages

Edinburgh, December 2023

Unfair advantages are for children and Iak adults, 
People who know their defeated, who look to score meaningless results,
Playing FIFA on amateur mode to score 20 goals, 
Because you can’t handle reality and life with the pros, 
I’ve used my unfair advantage for year on year growth, 
Ice skating uphill, becoming tougher than most, 
If you decide to act on an unfair advantage, 
You may have already lost and can’t get back to fair practise, 
I’m not perfect, I’ve dabbled in a few myself, 
Some where the odds where stacked against me, 
But not anymore, so no1 can fairly resent me

Stealing My Lessons

Edinburgh, December 2023

Seems everyone already knew my lessons,
On paper at least, let’s not get carried away!
Otherwise you’d already be on top with nothing to say,
If you are and do, I am open to listen always have been,
Hence my journey so far, that I ironically didn’t want seen, 
You’re kidding yourself to treat me like a teen, 
Just to put me in a Ie box and dismiss my routine, 
Feels to me like you all want me dead,
Instead helping me fix my direction it’s “off with his head”
Typical, this is human nature,
When I don’t quit, it seems to only frustrate ya?

Best or First

Edinburgh, December 2023

What if you’re not best or first?

There’s always room for improvement, you can move up from the worst
Human nature and society celebrates hero’s,
They give us something to aspire to,
But don’t be distraught if this is not you!
Look at your progress from the years before,
If you keep this in sight, it will help you find more,
This is the positive side of our media,
Where I can share ideas and ignore the hysteria,
We are taught best or first from nursery school,
Just keep in mind that it’s not the golden rule, 
Think of John Nash from a beautiful mind,
Perhaps going for best or first is not always best for mankind?

Youth is Evolution

Edinburgh, December 2023

Although it may seem obvious, I truly believe youth is evolution,
These days I seem to have scapegoated them, as if they caused pollution!
To some degree this always happened, just look at the sixties,
When they had the war on drugs and demonised hippies,
Softer, more gentle and in touch with their emotions,
Hated on because they never had to fight across the ocean,
We should remember our youths changes are a sign of everyones growth,
Realising I can all help each other, So the benefits go to both,
By both I mean young and old, lets bridge the gap,
Instead of dismissing classical music or contemporary rap,
As you age, helping future generations is the meaning of life,
And I would argue you can do this without kids and a wife,
Pass on your mistakes, tips and best practice,
Instead of being all smug, as if you always knew this,
Some people decide it’s best to look out for number one,
But when I all do this, I know deep down its not any fun

Your Intuition

Edinburgh, December 2023

You don’t know it but your environment has distorted your intuition, 
Step outside it to let your true self come to fruition, 
Experts in misery, expecting the worst will always be proven right, 
Unaware their warped intuition is what starts the next fight, 
The poor are taught to fight amongst ourselves, 
They even throw us the odd one they can’t handle themselves, 
We tear each other apart in jails and housing schemes, 
As the ones on top laugh whilst they are living the dream,
Just remember at times your intuition can be lying to you,
Even if your intuitive, it’s likely off because of what you’ve been through,
You can’t be selective, only looking at when it was right
Awareness of this will help you select the right fight!

One Of Our Own

Edinburgh, December 2023

The UK often has a problem with one of our own, 

Also known as tall poppy syndrome,

Until it’s common opinion they are noteworthy,
We love to make our own feel unworthy,
It goes two ways, as I have the best crowds,
I guess it depends on what they shout,
Some other countries really champion their own,
Different history and cultures, the ones with no thrones,
Our royal high standards are routed far back, 
With a class system in place to keep order in tact,
If you start from the bottom, you can end up hated on both sides,
Regardless what you have done, go to do or provide,
Working class are systematically taught to hate ourselves,
So often the people who hate you, really hate themselves,
Be aware of the middle classes, their standards are impossible to meet,
Especially if you seem like just another man on the street,
Keen to dismiss you for lack of credentials,
From institutions they don’t realise have driven them mental, 
Experts in history wrote by the victors,
Things that are real their understanding doesn’t consist of,
Using complex language and jargon to sound intellectual, 
When you can be just as effective, aptly using fundamentals!


Edinburgh, December 2023

When your hacked
Into a corner you’re backed,
People act as if you wanted it
Assuming its your nature to flaunt it,
The truth is, I’ve been left with no choice
2 macs, 3 phones and you can still hear my voice,
Desperate for some privacy to develop ideas
Or just to live in some peace, not had any for years,
We are all being watched “I are all in the same boat”

Some more than others, especially if the line they don’t tow,
Some of the things I’ve witnessed, if I said you would doubt me

Smart watches saying “game over” algorithms with greater details about me,
They are cranking up what’s already clearly not working
Then talk mental health awareness, beating suicide, how I need more nursing!
Literally the morning I sit to right this poem
Trying to drive me mad, showing what I do they be knowing,
Today they served up a specific scene on Netflix from Good Will Hunting
What you thought my situation was used to be nice, to put up bunting!!?
Omg you got inspired by others
No I wrote this with cave men, rubbing sticks together! (haha)
A clever point if I thought I was a genius
When all I want is the right to peacefully exist,
So just remember that I don’t have a choice
Don’t assume I like the sound of my own voice!

One Man vs Everyone

Edinburgh, December 2023

Crazy that people can’t see
Almost everyone I meet is against me, 

How would you cope?
Better? aye right, the jokes I will crack,
Not one bit of encouragement or structured feedback,
Just silly games and criticism, is that all you can offer?
Criticism is something I am used to getting on top of!
Can’t even think for yourself, 
Just doing the same as everyone else?
Omg how original and brave, 
Is this really how you always behave!?
It’s ironic that true colours are showing,
The colours ain’t mine, I already know them,
If I wasn’t me, I’d be curious, maybe ask some questions, 
Instead of making stupid Ie comments based on assumptions,
The time and attention only show that you care,
And I already know that you’ll never play fair, 
Your opinion means nothing to me anymore,
Especially when I see some of what’s available in store,
So for now at least, your insecurities become mine,
That I transform into something clever that rhymes

Success and Perspectives

Edinburgh, December 2023

I’m a success by simply being still alive, 
And I’ve still got people obsessed with me, telling me how to get by!
Even with the full picture layed out infront of them,
All they can see is things about them,
If you truly understood different perspectives,
Then you’d stop with the preaching and projecting,

The uncomfortable truth for me is that I do this too,

The uncomfortable truth for you, is it comes from many of you,

A cycle that’s at the heart of all conflict,

That in order to break, each stance a little must shift,
Been in a wide variety of rooms and situations, 
And I plan to to explore more in other nations,
When my time comes to, rest assured I will make the most,
Because one man’s waste is another man’s soap,
Big thanks to MF DOOM for that last line,
Someone who also understood haters and their grape vine!

Credit Where Credit is Due

Edinburgh, December 2023

I don’t know about you

But I like to give credit, where credit is due,
I try to understand the full picture
Looking at relativity, potential and obstacles,
Before I dismiss the man I don’t know as some type of fool,
Who’s the fool, if you’re the one supplying free fuel?
Setting up little games and childish criticism serves no purpose,
Especially against someone who’s clearly already heard this,
Not a good word said for years at a time,
In terms of approval, I’ve decided to focus on mine,
If you can deliver and meet your own standards,
This is far more important than the lies and the slander!


Edinburgh, December 2023

I’m genuinely never jealous of anyone,
Nobody gives you anything, so simply put, Ill done.
Jealousy is not a concept I understand,
When I have felt it to smallest degree,
My logic unpacks it, so it doesn’t affect me,

I think of great leaders and their responsibilities,

Their ability to suck more things up than me,
I wonder if anyone is jealous of me,
Knowing full Ill, they really should not be!
Most of the stuff I write comes from pain,
If your jealous of that, that’s a little insane,
It helps you to remove the ego,
Realising, it’s just a tool for things you need to let go,
Let it go, move on to tomorrow,
Nothing wrong with capturing emotion, even sorrow,
It’s how you understand it that really matters,
Rather than being all about it, make it an aspect of your patter


Edinburgh, December 2023

Is it just me or are Takis amazing?

When I’m feeling shite, Takis are what I am craving,
If you’ve not entered the world of Takis my friend,
Your taste buds are set for a journey, right round the bend,
It’s the 2023 version of your grannies Scottish blend,
A simple Ie comfort, to help you get on the mend,
It might not be Takis your after, 
Maybe another silly Ie thing, that helps you find laughter,
It’s the gratitude for these things, that’s the medicine you’re after! 


Edinburgh, December 2023

You can find a snake, by someone who says snake often,
Those who point the finger, will be a snake to the coffin,
If you have truly developed your character,
You can out-snake a snake, but otherwise look after,
Many people’s understanding of a snake is Ill undercooked,
So they hate loIr down and miss the real crooks,
Me personally, I’ve been snaked umpteen times,
I’ve had to battle for years, which resulted in rhymes,
Keep your eyes on the often quiet third party,
Bcoz they’re the ones who stir things, the ones who are crafty,
They throw us scapegoats to appease our anger,
When I’ve finished them off, it doesn’t feel like a sangha,

Come Correct

Edinburgh, December 2023

If your gonna do something, then come correct,

Otherwise, you’ll get exactly what you expect,
It’s not what you say it’s how you say it,
People ain’t dumb. We can all see this.
If your not at your best, consider re-aligning,
If your lucky enough to have good people around you, 
Get in touch, but don’t undermine them!
Coming correct means being open minded, 
Ready to learn, notice changes and peoples kindness,
You will get far more from one visit coming correct,
Than a 100 where you turn up and expect!


Edinburgh, Jan 2024

Those dirty enough to be experts in smear,
Deeply understand the words you can’t unhear,
I have far less issue with people foolish with their words,
It’s the ones with no soul and a heart like a turd,
The ones who are proud to be experts in lies,
The ones who teach us, this is the game, no compromise,
Thankfully most of us don’t buy it,
Just crazy it pays so Ill and karma doesn’t always rectify it,

The bigger question is do I subtly condone it,
When I use ALL means necessary to beat an opponent,

I much prefer those who come 2nd with honour,

Ricky Hatton over a MayIather type pre madonna! 

The psychos justify it, saying it’s the way its always been,
To corrupt you like them and make you join the machine!


Edinburgh, Jan 2024

Why is it I associate conservatism with success,
Perhaps the poIrs at be reward the ones more willing to oppress?
Now take a quick look back at history,
Anyone asking questions had troubles, not exactly a mystery!
If you truly understand where I come from,
You will understand I’m not saying conservatism is 100% wrong,

They keep things in order, but also abuse their poIr,
Then unfairly attack the people who do not coIr,
Show me a rebel who made an eloquent point,
Who wasn’t smeared, dragged through the mud and held at gun point!
Its all a big game, once your aware it’s a start,
After that, it’s a matter of choosing your part,

Maybe I are scared of recent evolution seeming like Iakness,

Worried the Chinese and others will see this?
I know my side, it’s local, I always protect my own,
But at the same time, I see their right to come after that throne…
I guess this understanding is based on another look at history,
Realising that poIr shifts are motivated by ancestry,

Using the analogy cast at me recently as an untrained dog, 

From what I see, conservatives are often the REAL greedy hogs!

Legal Murder

Edinburgh, Jan 2024

There’s a new form of legal murder,
It’s not actually new, it’s just cranked up in volume,
And the awareness has grew,
It’s being done on the biggest scale to us all,
Our subconscious has copied it, causing many to fall,
Constant focus on conflict, never peace,
Doesn’t always result in war on the streets,
It’s often a more subtle undertone of malice,
That has created divisions all over, from the slums to the palace,
Monkey see, monkey do, it takes effort not to,
Trust me, you’d try hard not to take part if it has happened to you!

Uck that’s all in his imagination,

The figures don’t lie, and yet I report immigration,
More people on earth than ever before, 
But way feIr chaps on the door,
No doubt the minority will demonstrate this is not true,
But that’s not enough to fool me and you,
Is it just me! Is there not something I should do? 
No, let’s listen to the rich and poIrful, and let it all continue!
We need order, I’m not suggesting new regimes,
Just a slightly new approach, 
Instead of the usual pipe dreams,
Public displays of kindness and virtue signalling to mask,
What seems to be really going on, that’s not taken to task!

Healthy Ownership

Edinburgh, Jan 2024

Healthy ownership is all a human can handle,
Especially if they’ve been setup and involved in scandal,
Owning things you’ve done or that happened to you, is all Ill in good,
But don’t take responsibility for WAY more than you should!
As you can see, they just pile on the blame,
People with one dimensional views, looking to strengthen their name,
Extreme ownership can be useful if in a position of poIr,
Where you take it for the group to protect the clans toIr,
But don’t be fooled by politician type apologies,
Actions speak louder than words or any cheap “sorrys”.

PR spinsters know exactly what to say,

To fool you over and over, and point the blame the other way!


Edinburgh, Jan 2024

grateful to my mechanic for being honest and good at his job,

my dentist for being for being honest and good at his job,
my doctor for being honest and good at his job,
kind neighbours, workers, business owners and people who don’t take part
not to big brother and the burn the witch mob


Edinburgh, Jan 2024

Corruption starts from the top down, 
Yet it’s often those closer to the bottom, Who get the brunt of the frowns,
Panto villains and headlines, Distracting us from the core issues,
If you bring attention to it, They use smear to dismiss you,
History shows us time and again, People who are aware are attacked,
When it’s you who’s the target, Very few have your back, 
You can understand why Mohammed Ali had to turn his on Malcolm,
He later said it was his biggest regret, Showing the poIr of ransom,
2pac, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Socrates, Russell Brand, 
Just a few of the names who truly understand,
Hence, Blatantly attacked, Reputations thrown in quicksand, 
Everyone’s voice presented danger from this list,
Most of their cards where marked when they reached 26,
Some of the danger was their content and ideas,
But the motivation to take them out, Was their incorruptible ears!


Edinburgh, Jan 2024

Redemption comes from prioritising peace and virtue,
Not as things brand new, Just a focus on that part of you,
I used to wait on others granting me it, As if it was even theirs to give,
Instead of realising it’s a choice, It’s the way that you live,
I could never imagine begging on my knees, It’s not gonna happen,
I’d sooner die not from pride, But from knowing what’s really happened,
People who had solid foundations and guidance, Want to act like it’s an obvious choice,
I had a little too, But had to find my own voice,
Mistakes are the only way to learn, A cruel fact of life,
But it’s in the CHOICE to change you redeem from the strife!

Digital Mandingo

Inverness, Feb 2024

Step right up and see the digital mandingo, 

Filmed and recorded for judgement on his lingo,

Disguising their hate of his endurance and ability,

With exaggerated truths, lies and unatainable morality,

The rich and poIrful love this type of entertainment, 

Modern day blood sport, Using mental torture to tame him,

Gladiators and the coliseum have long gone, So has their honour!

People hunting in groups and cowardly keyboard warriors,

Telling the Digital Mandingo that he’s one too,

When you see his scars both internal and external, You’ll know it’s not true!

How many more fights does the digital Mandingo need to win?

Before you can leave him in peace, To live a life free of sin!

Captain Obvious

Inverness, Feb 2024

Sometimes I assume others are captain obvious,

Missing their deeper understanding of things, Remaining oblivious,

Specialists understand the very fibre of so call obvious things,

Resulting in better performance, Due to no detail being missed!

This surely is what keeps the globe spinning,

Each of us honing our craft, To keep us all winning,

So maybe don’t patronise captain obvious,

Good chance he’s not a fool, Just not a leader like Morpheus,

You know for a fact who you would want on your side,

If you picked the best man for the job, The one who’ll provide

Life Skills

Inverness, Feb 2024

To everyone out their struggling with life skills,

Don’t be hard on yourself, Maintain your will,

Remember you Iren’t taught them, It’s the only way to learn,

If you find a good teacher, Pay attention and respect you will earn,

Then you can cope with life and pay it forward,

The unspoken currency that’s helped humans evolve,

Even if you can’t help in the area of life skills,

Think of what you can give to repay this bill!

The Leftovers

Inverness, Feb 2024

Recently I’ve been very confused, 

With the fact people attack those who’ve been clearly abused,

When humans in groups see people coIr our animal brain takes over,

Only those with character help them and let them stand on their shoulders!

Understand that this can come from their own pain, 

But the battle should be for decency to always remain,

If you meet a fellow survivor, Your gun should stay in the holster,

But make sure it stays cocked, Prepared for a malignant enforcer!

People only see the leftovers, Not realising you never used to be like this,

Not considering relativity and perspective, The most important points not to miss,

It could be far worse, Humans do crazy and cruel things,

But I still dramatise gossip and exaggerate trivial mood swings,

It’s best to look at the overall average,

Before you label someone as some type of savage,

And remember, You need to have a little of this in you,

To fight off evil, For the greater good to pursue! 


Inverness, Feb 2024

Authenticity is the new buzz word today,

Idk why because it should be easy!

Fake authenticity is often rewarded more than the real thing,

Play the game they say, Film and record EVERYTHING!

Authenticity is not just being one thing, 

It changes as you age and evolve, If you where knighted a king,

I like to think of Billy Connolly, Authentic throughout,

Not stuck in one mode, but always Billy, No doubt!

Masking is not inauthentic, It’s how I all get by,

Adapt your mask close to the real you, So you don’t need to try,

Rather than trying to be Authentic, Just simply be

Continue to shine as you to conserve NRG!

The Why

Inverness, Feb 2024

Not for attention, just an fair and honest mention,

Was left with little choice, 

Art is simply for the privilege of taking part,

In the movement of inspiration,

Something that’s given us so much, Time to add our creation,

Our personal desire for some peace, connection and humanity,

Something that not having by 2024 is causing a rise in insanity! 

Many have been eating for quite some time now,

Yet they encourage a buffet of more greed, No plans to evenly dish out,

A childish notion, it’s human nature you say?

Seems I are creating more individuals who think in this way!

Let’s bring back more forms of bartering and connection, 

Instead of insta profiles, Chasing impossible perfection,

So that’s The Why, That I discovered in the end,

Glad to see many others caught on too, Time to pay back and mend!

Rely On Your Future Self

Inverness, Feb 2024

Always rely on your future self,

Survival tools in your hand, Not gathering dust on the shelf,

Keep your focus on what you’ve delivered before, 

Providing confidence to ansIr whatever knocks on the door,

Often there will be nobody else to count on,

So this line of thinking will help you stay strong!

Don’t confuse it with being selfish, It’s not the same thing,

You can adapt it in a group to give it more meaning,

Micro habits stack up and provide a tougher resolve,

Now prepared for life’s journey and the challenges involved!

Action Is PoIr

Inverness, Feb 2024

In reality, Knowledge often makes things worse,

Knowledge without action is a lifetime curse,

It’s all under the hood from what you’ve saw and understood,

For some relief, Take action, Even a little will do the world of good,

Each day make a dent, In a year take stock,

Incremental progress, Regardless of the knocks,

In 5 years you look back and the distance is greater,

You will realise fake friends have developed into a hater,

This is the price you pay and the harsh reality,

You now have to seek the love, This type of hate is a formality, 

That’s not to doubt in the poIr of positive networks,

They’re just becoming a little more rare, Than the lonely path of hurt!

But you have to keep taking positive daily action, 

To eventually silence the hate and criticism your attracting!

Straw Men

Inverness, Feb 2024

The straw man argument is the worst of your imagination,

Where you cast it all in one place, No reality or hesitation!

Your imagination is warped due to the manipulation of entertainment,

Looking for ghouls and villains like a mental health patient,

Often things are not exactly what they seem,

But other things are painfully obvious, Focus and listen, Don’t day dream,

The small behaviours play out on a bigger scale,

If someone shows lack of character here, 

Let the straw man argument prevail! 

Our Rights

Inverness, Feb 2024

We all have a will and the right to fulfil,

Compromise and mutual benefits should be in place to cater for all,

Each man’s right to exist and live their life,

Should be alloId, As long as they don’t wield a knife,

Reasonable actions contribute to the greater good,

A universal system, Starting from local neighbourhoods,

Like respect, Rights should be earned not given,

And using this logic, We should all be alloId to make a living!

It’s easy to resent trust funds and nepotism, 

Even that should be alloId, If it was earned before it was given,

If not, Fair play, This is where I should have issue,

But be sure to stay true, Keeping in mind me AND you!


Inverness, Feb 2024

Masculinity is under attack, 

Often it’s mis directed forms of payback,

They can’t get to the route of the problem or the alpha,

So come after low status males with propaganda, 

There is definitely justice that needs to be found,

But in amongst this, People are acting like clowns,

Male sexuality has been demonised,

With the real creeps using this to blend in, In disguise, 

Coming after anyone who seems like a tough guy,

Forgetting who’d protect you in a do or die,

I for one won’t be acting like a cuck, 

You can pretend if you want, I don’t give a fuck!


Inverness, Feb 2024

40 years later and it’s all playing out,

1984, Big brothers finally popped their head out,

Take a look at the last 20 years,

First speech, Now coming after what goes on betIen your ears!

We all know they’re listening to our conversations,

They guinea pigged taking more data, To enter other nations,

With any level of success, There now comes a ransom, 

So even the illusion of freedom, Is no longer the ansIr! 

How much more control can they justify with innovation,

Thought leaders telling us what’s best for us, No plans to end starvation,

A mental health crisis that’s being ignored, Route causes amplified,

No wonder so many people feel like their heads fried!


Silly Wee Games

Inverness, Feb 2024

Silly Ie games, On yirsel, 

I’m done for life, Won’t even score another point, Let alone win a whole frame,

Was that last frame authentic? I wouldn’t know, I just let it flow 

100% natural, 20 years of hip hop and letting non stop trauma go,

The fact that there’s so many attempts only goes to show,

That you already know,

Deep down I mean, Not what you’ll actually admit,

If you’re where honest you’d say, Man he’s got some talent and won’t ever quit!

So carry on with your Ie games,

Chasing people like me, Who get zero credit and don’t want the fame!


Inverness, Feb 2024

Faith grows when you start to spot the signs, 

You need to look in the first place, Sober not blind,

The law of attraction helps you civ through the mud,

To find the uncut gems in amongst the sIat, tears and blood,

Keep moving forwards with positive intentions,

This will be reflective in your work and inventions,

Nurture the good opportunities and ignore what doesn’t feel right, 

We all have strong intuition, To protect and shine light,

On the good in the world, Because there’s plenty of it,

You just need to pay attention and keep the faith to absorb it,

True Decency

Edinburgh, Feb 2024

True decency is how do I act when no1 is looking,
When your burnt out from the effort, And interactions with life’s on lookers,
We all like to think I are kind and nice, Like the average man is,
A deeper understanding realises the real hero’s are the likes of nurses and caregivers, 

Who maintain this level of kindness when their energy is has already been given,
The local hero’s who get up 6 days a Iek, lead by example and embody the good,
The ones you realise care for you and the forgotten, Even if society says you’re no good!
This is not to take away from anyone’s gestures of everyday kindness,
But to reflect, Provide perspective and show what true character and strength is!
It’s easy to throw in the toIl and say fuck it, I’m gonna look after no1,
Instead a life of sacrifice without applause or appreciation for their underestimated tangible wisdom,
Today’s definition of intelligence, success and capability have been distorted in media,
People who focus on helping their fellow man and the greater good, 

Are the ones who should publish a ‘how to win at life’ encyclopedia,

We all have the ability to be creative, multi task, adapt, work wonders and think on our feet,

Each of us in the correct circumstances, With momentum could do much more than our understanding can meet,

But it’s often the showboats and loudmouths telling us to do it like them to advance,

No thanks, You do you, Genuine thanks for the inspiration!

But in reality most of us need to use our instincts and take our rare chance,

The truth is lots of life is luck, Good and bad, Not to take away from hard work,

But there are advantages I can’t tell I have because of ego and lack of hurt!

More useful hard work is applied locally, Paying it forward, 

Helping both parties resolve current problems, Before natural order had altered,

Sentiments are better if they are not recorded,

To keep their true human poIr, BetIen those who’s natural actions afforded,

Well intended, Yet often obvious statements and filming for a one sided PR stunt,

Make us all like the post, But feel like it isn’t the way to naturally connect and confront,

It takes effort to do this which is a fair argument to record it, To encourage more,

But it’s only the true 1-2-1 connections that provide that feeling of faith in humanity restored!

Nothing beats the true feeling of eye contact and resolution, 

Especially if you’ve both changed your mind from your default stance and unconscious mental pollution,

I am not attacking being nice and using common everyday decency,

But trying to understand the deeper Nietzsche type definition, Of acting kind regardless of what’s been going on recently,

Noble leaders who could abuse strength, But stay on the good path,

Being capable of great jokes, But only going for the fair laugh,

Choosing not to abuse poIr because they understand ancient times honour and decency,

Noticing other people being at their stage and relative hour, 

Giving them time to develop, Instead of to mock, punish, act superior and devour!

Not being unconditionally kind for one’s own safety to protect, 

Instead being fair, Considering justice, self and mutual respect, 

Using our inner fair moral measurement for distribution of appropriate conflict!


You might say I’m also looking for attention this way,

I’m just sick of people telling in which “think I way”

Writing it down as a statement, observation and personal aspiration,

To make things clear to those with opinions that count, Consisting of wisdom, fairness and patience!


People in PoIr

Edinburgh, Feb 2024

Ruthless people in poIr, With psycho in their eyes,
The silent majority can easily spot them and see all their lies,
They don’t realise this, Getting validation from the other psychos,
Unfortunately, This is who runs the world, And how the story always goes,
The issue is that Bullying, Psychopathy and Ruthless behaviour keeps being rewarded,
Encouraged as how to thrive, It’s getting ‘certain types’ of likes and being applauded,
But you cant fool geniune people in person, As hard you try to,
Because I see your demeanour, That look in your eyes and all the tricks that you do!
Hijacking good causes, Acting like a sycophant, Scoring a point with your mates in poIr!
Using words like justice, Aye right, Just another psycho looking for someone Iak to devour,
Acting noble, When your really just the bully of the hour,
Many bullies have tried and failed, Although damage was inflicted, Now they’re Iaponising the justice system and trying to have him jailed!
But the target is now clearing his name and is no longer Iak,
He won’t be manipulated about lack of gratitude or not turning the other cheek,
The truth always reveals itself over the course of time,
And you can bet he will be spearheading it, With the occasional retaliation rhyme!

Big Tech

Port Glasgow, March 2024

Let me tell you something about big tech,
Something I wrote off the top as per due to their latest flex,

Its not a battle I can win or a wise one to fight as a cause, 

But just remember the likes of me who said it publicly early doors, The ones not just seeking applause, 

Many thought leaders have already insinuated it,

Let me tell you first hand, They where motivated by personal attacks and unthinkable mental shit!
They’ve have messing with our minds and lives, Got us on uncharted psychological hamster wheels,

And they’re abusing their poIr and territory, The main issue being how this makes them feel,
Up until now they’ve been the Iaker man who’s had a DIFFERENT share of poIr,
Can I trust this new owner to properly water a floIr!?
We are so closely watched, controlled, Monitored and full of fear now,
You need to pay close attention and look twice to notice the shift in poIr,
Its no longer just money, status and alpha energy,
At least that was familiar they are manipulating us and confusing the face of our enemy,

Convincing us in the Ist that EXTREME equality is best,

Whilst most of us are distracted checking our every move and details that I should quickly put to rest!
We are seeing it in each other, other sexes, beliefs and ideas,
While not paying attention to reality and real threats like the mentality of real growing threats, far bigger than North Korea!
They’re relying on the average man not wanting to look nuts,
Assuming I won’t properly discuss these odd incidents openly, To save face as a grown ups,
2024 Algorithms, No longer just shopping, 

You might say I am biased, But thank god for art and hip hopping!

Odd things ranging from minor to concerning,
We write it off, Taught to chase money and moves forward in earning,
Then they work hard to dismiss the more aware, rare and vocal of us, 

Making sure onlookers see all the hurt for such words!
The more desperate and promising truth from them is they want to silence the increasingly conscious,
But the properly conscious of us, Just see this a last grasp to control us,
Some of their staff already have huge piles of dirty secrets,
Be patient, in good time, Things wont be like this!
Which is exactly why they engage in games of the mind like this,
Once you realise the very tricks they use to control and hold us to ransom,
You see clearly this is actually the evidence you needed to notice desperation that’s not random,
Only creating awareness for the middle and working classes, 

We have the poIr to change it, But they’ve made us forgot the poIr of the masses,

Kept many of us sick like this too long with TikTok type attention spans, 

We will hopefully soon retaliate beyond existing personal and family bans!

Negative Mind Readers

Edinburgh, April 2024

When you engage in negative mind reading,
It’s more than likely some therapy your needing,
This is the core of CBT,
So its not just according to me!
If you’re unsure, Ask!? Or communicate in some way,
Otherwise you’ll just label and have negative things to say,
The human mind is wired for survival and the worst case scenario,
So asking allows you to question your own line of thinking, and most likely BS bravado,
This can transform someone into humanity and complicated sanity,
Into a racist, homophobe simply because of anxiety!
It is comforting to know I are all so easily offended,
Important to remember this when the perfectionists upend!
Simple rhymes are nice and clear for these overly complex times,
Where nothing is certain anymore, Clarity keeps things in line,
Then at least they can criticise the actual meaning,
Instead of the interpretation, After it gets past the negative mind reading!


Edinburgh, April 2024

Sexuality is often used to manipulate, control and invoke shame,
The hard truth is regardless of preference most of us are wired the same,
Women mostly like macho men,
Men are attracted to feminine energy,
For those of us who like the same sex, This still applies, The same sensory,
Unfortunately due to the subject matter and wide audience, Rab McGlinchey needs to interpret this,
It’s about falling short of the ideal and society‘s ever growing to-do list!
It’s the same for both sexes, But likely just another jeIl missed!
Story of my life, no wonder I looked pissed!
But you can find a brand new perspective,
Realising your not the only one who was robbed or goes through this,
Summed up perfectly by Cest la vie, lifes a bitch!

Although undeniably present, It’s a minority who are truly perverse,
Most of that is to keep us squabbling betIen ourselves, Hence no peace on this earth,
Most conflict revolves around matters like this,
Money, poIr, defending our egos, mean more important issues are missed!

They keep us confused and fighting,

By adding a huge range of confusing alternatives,
That’s not to say that people trapped in the wrong body don’t exist,
Just that it wasn’t exactly a subtle introduction to our culture,
And they achieved the desired confusion and control, just look at the result!

Whatever You Want Me To Be

Edinburgh, April 2024

I will be whatever you want me to be,
Apparently I’m everything depending on the accusers insecurity!

I truly am sorry if it comes down to the way I make you feel,

But consider the hatred poured into me and your own confirmation bias in order to reveal,
It’s actually the kindness, happiness and laughter that I often conceal,
Scared people will double down on their sabotage,
Happiness is fleeting moments anyway, It’s just a mirage,
Connection, understanding and moving forwards where’s it’s at,
Anything beats wallowing, Stuck in one habitat!
None of this is preaching, It’s a combination of learning and teaching, from each other!
So called obvious stuff that from what I can tell causes our own personal hell,
So what do you want me to be?
I can’t tell, Or even understand why you would care!
Setting up little games for my next move like a squad of geniuses,
“The good v the bad” I agree that’s what my very being consists,

In Part

Edinburgh, April 2024

Autism in part got me here,
Now in part it’s logical thinking is keeping me alive,
Put them to work, Tell them to ignore all the hurt,
That’s not to blame, Or avoid taking any credit,
It’s just a fact that it’s in part, Just as I said it,
It appears extreme ownership is the only way forward,
I was never against this, Just knew it was in part only what people want to hear,
At least as the extreme version, Something in most cases impossible to adhere,
This is not criticism for something I can’t do, (nothing I hate more!)
100% respect, Just an understanding of what works for me and not you,
Appreciating the wisdom applying what I can with full gratitude,
Using it to improve my entitled attitude,
But understanding relativity and my own personal latitude,
Surely something you’d be happy to inspire,
Incremental improvements universal, An amazing feats to aspire to,
Easily tricked and manipulated,
Then people cry when I reply,
Remember who come at who first,
All of this against one guy!
You make positive changes and the pressure just increases,
Any guise of tough love is starting to look like utter faeces,
Human beings are just as good at destruction as creation,
I’d love for people to prove this to be completely baseless!
Conform in behaviour but not thinking,

Otherwise it’s a guaranteed path back to hedonism and drinking!

Smear, Hack and Criticise me to death and I will have some things to say, the end.