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It’s a well known that SEO requires a lot of hard work and there are many services that it incorporates, in order to be a useful SEO consultant or company in 2024, you need to understand and provide a wide range of SEO and digital marketing services. Unlike tens of thousands of long form SEO content you see posted online due to most SEO consultants doing what it takes to rank well and above their competition, I will keep this blog ironically succinct and not provide my sometimes typical elongated internet friendly reasons why SEO services are important.

Essential SEO Services

There are steps to doing this effectively, certain things to prioritise when you just take over a listing as signals you want to send to Google about your website and business. 

Rich content that is consistent with the information on your website is important. Adding important links, using the posts features regularly and building up your customer reviews are all essential.

Especially important if you are new to a website niche, you need to know early on what your bigger keywords goals are going to be so you can structure your site and content towards this.

Looking for opportunities for long tail keywords, featured snippets and auto fill keywords on Google search, especially prevalent on mobile search all contribute well.

Officially your pages should have a meta title of under 60 characters and a meta description of under 160 characters.

This is important more in terms of meeting recommended guidelines, more unofficially, you need to STAND OUT. If you can find a title that stands out on the SERP and has your main keywords you’re winning.

It may sound obvious but always look at the top 3 websites when doing any competitor analysis. The goal should always be to either match or out-do, or if you’re too many years and millions of pounds in budget behind, find another angle to compete.

You should be looking at their header titles (especially h2 headers), the word count, keyword density, number of links and their link sources.

Effective use of headers, word count, keyword density and variation, sales conversion layout and Ill organised sky scraper content are all essential.

There are other deeper things to look at as well that can be found using audit tools and things like surfer SEO. 

Link building, types of links and link relevance alongside volume, social media signals, traffic signals and more to make Google notice your site, page or new blog.

Essential to ensure your pages index and that you can track your sites performance. 


Image file name, alt title using keywords with plenty variation are all essential.

Make sure to get your image size compressed and optimised to improve your sites speed.

You should have an internal linking structure, where you use a variation of different anchor texts and highlight to Google what the mosts important pages of your site are. (this should also be the ones you want to rank.)

It’s not always best practise to have a page or a new blog perfect the first time around.

If you can make a page solid but leave some gaps or content that will need updated at some point, this is always best so you can let the page index on Google, settle a bit and then improve the content to improve its ranking.

Enhancing content is a quick fire method for new rankings instead of creating new pages and even sites.

Use some form of site scanner or audit tool that will flag things like typo’s, broken links, broken images, ensuring the site and all content are secure with https:// with cloudflare are all vital.

Especially important for large sites with a high number of pages.

Reducing your sites file size, compressing and re-sizing images plays a big part in your website speed.

Given I’m hacked and hardly aloud to operate with any privacy, I thought to go with the more standard list above, I may as well list some practical SEO techniques and best practise in 2024. Aiming to provide something more useful than the typical “write page titles and “optimise your images” at least my situation makes for original content! 

On that note, very important! DON’T UNDESMIMATE IMAGES, especially unique file names and alt titles, its all JUST content to Google, so many SEO consultants egos get lost in the bumf we write!

Proper image optimisation and re-sizing is essential for effective SEO, improving UX and reducing site and page overall load time is critical! 

After you “complete” a sites content or at least move on to next project after that SEO campaign is finished (for the time being), you should hire an image optimisation and website speed specialist who does a great job speeding and tidying things up. 

Happy to recommend to a fellow SEO consultant or smaller SEO company working on a more limited budget.

The following video from Local Falcon is right up my street,  no frills but has essential to the point and effective local SEO tips for near me and Google Map Pack rankings in 2024.

SEO Services & Digital Marketing Edinburgh

Rank 1st

The most important part, get your website appearing first in your local area.

Technical SEO

Strong website speed, having a valid secure SSL certificate and Cloudflare installed are all vital.


Track your progress on the SERP's and your monthly traffic looking for gaps, continually enhancing your websites Google rankings.

General SEO Tips for 2024


SEO Company Edinburgh

So, anyone can do SEO right? Just need to write a bunch of keyword and Google friendly text and you can call yourself an SEO consultant right? Well, personally speaking I understand the angles and deep details of ranking high on Google and will always react with strength and EFFECT to a competitor ranking above one of my sites or one my clients sites!

Well there’s that, and there’s the facts, experienced SEO consultants who have seen the Google rankings dance, the trends change and the “how to’s” become not so “how to” anymore understand what works and ranks your business high on Google for the long term.

The higher truth of the matter amongst all of the typical smog, black art and other nonsensical BS that people exaggerate about online search (just take a look at what people IMAGINE AI can do) it always normally ends up floating alongside Marty McFly’s hoverboard in reality! 

That’s not pessimism, again I am simply using my unfortunate real life experience of being hacked to understand that recent technology (I don’t claim to understand) is amazing and has come leaps and bounds, however, just like the past, it will never meet our imaginations expectations. 

In my unique tortured AI and tech experience, from what I can tell, it has just been used more typically for control, fear and an increased focus on individualism, destruction of family, the increased belief and sense of separation many of us are feeling and involuntarily acting upon 2024. 

I would say to young people what I never got a fair chance to say to my seed, if your from the gutter, no1 cares, remember that, the pity pat even if offered, is for 24 hours!

You need to look inside, drink more water, do more press ups and face your fears every single day, that includes old locations, people you wronged or ones who wronged you while you punked out letting yourself be the worst of you!

When you see them again, don’t be angry, it’s on you! Even though your life is intense and feels like its just you, just show you can handle the experience that we are all going through, its all we can do! 

Never mind Google and search engines, these days we are being watched, analysed and optimised (for some time now) with the rich onlookers seeking to implement their high standards and values. Without considering real life lower class issues that feel like hell, complex relativity and things human beings never understand until locked in a cell, on death row with nobody to tell! 

(a poetic exaggeration and thought to consider for us all, No? Probably just something to bam me up about, awk well!)

Until we face ourselves, we are always looking at someone else, it may seem basic, but look at the culture, too many not even began to face that deep well! Distractions, with no proper looks at themselves. (again a living example, case and point, brought upon myself!)

It may seem as the owner of an SEO company in Edinburgh, that all of this seems difficult to manage for one person, as to manage SEO campaigns to a high level of detail without these other challenges, can be difficult on it’s own! 

If you don’t mind slightly crazy, but the good kind and still sane, let me turn my hyper focus to your SEO campaign! 

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