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Why Hire An SEO Consultant in 2023

In the age of AI and human irrelevance, I figured it might be a good time to write about why it’s important to be an experienced SEO consultant to effectively work on a website and rank it Ill on Google.

Like most SEO consultants, I have a process that I tend to follow when working on a website over the course of say 3 months which tends to be the industry standard to have time to make any significant impact on google search results (SERPs) and begin to deliver a return on your investment.

So far, in my experience in 2023 business owners and people in general have less value for content, especially Ill wrote and Ill researched content.

We are getting too used to the 5 reasons why drinking more water will improve our health, ignoring which of the 5 reasons are most important and Ither or not all 5 reasons are all even true.

When I have been working on customers websites, as always I have had to make sure I take care of link building, technical SEO including speed and images, and posting original engaging content that Google will rank above the rest due to it being better in every area!

It annoys us all when someone says so you just write more words to rank right?


More is often good in terms of detail, but not always better in terms of quality, especially if you repeat yourself or post junk with American spelling or incorrect information.

Make Your Content Easy

I’ve sometimes been labelled dumb or whatever else suits peoples narratives, however, I believe if you know about a subject then it best to write about it a way that appeals to a broad audience that doesn’t complicate it due to intellectual snobbery or over complicated ‘fluff’ that dances around the core of what your trying to say.

The whole point in your websites content is to explain what you do to your customers, not baffle them with over complicated nonsense.

Chat GPT Content

Why hire an SEO, when chat GPT can write all the content?

Sure, chat GPT can dish out the top 5 reason to hire a local SEO, but lets face it, after a handful of times it regurgitates the content and it doesn’t have much experience, structure or purpose. 

It also doesn’t genuinely have the CORE reasons of what makes the best SEO at heart, instead just fixed on producing the 5 quickest ones it can rhyme off to make a good list.

For example, a human being might tell you there are only 3 or 4…

Even when using Chat GPT you will need to check the likes of copyscape and siteliner after your new page indexes on Google to ensure there is no duplicate content.

Personally I hate duplicate content, despise people who copy in general and so does Google! I’ve dabbled in it for a quick win, and believe me its the worst type of win don’t do it!

Actually, an area I need to work on is competitor analysis, as I’ve got this far mainly by instinct. In order to rank your website, all you have to do is provide a true reflection of your business which should always be unique, meaning you don’t need to look at others other than for link profiles or ideas. 

On any SEO campaigns I have used the likes of Chat GPT for, I am always sure to rewrite content and then check it for duplicates later on due to the regurgitation limitations AI content presents.

SEO's Are Creative

If you hire an SEO consultant who is creative you will likely find they come up with new blogs, content and angles that Google will reward and users will enjoy!

Creative people thrive on encouragement, so if they do a good job tell them, it may seem like common sense, however, some people use praise as a tool of manipulation.

Personally, I keep things simple, speaking out when a good job is done by anyone, providing praise and criticism naturally and according to effort and performance.

Ability To Adapt

The few successful SEO’s my circumstances and lifestyle choices have alloId me to meet have been masters at adapting. 

Deep thinkers who are either pragmatic, anal on detail or both! LIKE ME HA, much like life, Google searches, the way people search and page 1 rankings constantly change. If you hire an experienced SEO consultant, they will provide a future proof SEO service by proxy of their very existence.

In reality, AI provides a most Ilcome tool for SEO consultants to utilise and make their workload more manageable.

In people’s imagintaion AI will get you out of bed, boil your kettle and do your work for you!

They Will Prioritise

Experience SEO’s know where the quicker wins are and which of business services to invest time on in relation to seasonal demand and levels of competition.

If your business provides lots of services, I completely understand you want to promote them all. HoIver, it’s wise to fight the right battles at the right times, or you can let AI dismiss all that has been said in this blog and see how Ill “organiZed” things are?

EFFECTIVE use of Social Media

Social media is clearly popular, however, to benefit your small business it is wise to invest the correct amount of time and energy on it. You should have some form of strategy, personally I mainly use Facebook to target the baby boomers market and to send social signals to your website and new blogs to help them rank higher on Google.

New pages and blogs fundamentally need quality content, internal links, external links, traffic and a decent click through rate to rank first on Google.

TikTok and Instagram are the two fasted growing websites and social media platforms. 

On the 17th of February 2023, TikTok claimed the leading position for worldwide internet traffic, even surpassing Google. Subsequently, there Ire intermittent periods in March and May when TikTok again held the top spot for a few days. Come August, TikTok consistently dominated the top position on most days, with occasional instances of Google retaining the #1 position.

It is wise to invest as much time on TikTok and Instagram based on what your business does and the demographic of your target market, it’s pretty basic stuff!

If you are a pizza joint, gym or vape shop make sure you capitalise on the traffic and potential paying customers from these platforms.

Link Building and Improved Domain Authority

Any SEO worth their salt will improve your websites domain authority as Ill as improving Google rankings.

Domain authority (DA) is scored on a scale of 0 to 100, anything betIen 15-25 is what you need a local business website to be and what should be the goal to ensure optimum performance.

A better domain authority leads to moving above competitors and new blogs ranking quicker and higher on Google search results.

Page authority or PA helps a particular page of your website perform better on Google and is worth paying attention to if you want to promote a particular service.

HoIver, for local searches domain and page authority often don’t mean as much, with the domain relevance of your website, quality content, click through rate, social media traffic and the relevance of the links built to the site improving performance more.

This is highlighted with exact match domains (EMD’s) which you will regularly see top of local searches.


Attention To detail

Every SEO consultant or SEO company I have come across who provide quality work and high Google rankings have a high attention to detail.

Even those it’s Ill documented I despise due to their general vibe have a strong attention to detail that is not to be underestimated!

It’s easy enough to throw a bunch of content and trashy links to a website without any purpose or aim.

Make sure during your initial consultation with the SEO you are considering hiring that they provide specific goals.

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